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Low Temperature Heating and High Temperature Cooling Systems



Energy Efficiency

The most important consideration when choosing a heating and cooling system is energy efficiency. Zehnder Rittling radiant heating and cooling systems can save more than 40% in energy compared to other systems. And all with a pleasant indoor climate.

  • Save energy by achieving a higher perceived temperature then the actual room temperature
  • Even temperature distribution across the full height of the room
  • Very high heat output to EN 14037
  • Short heating and cooling time
  • Free choice of energy source including alternative energies, heat pumps, condensing appliance technology or process waste heat
  • No additional power costs for propulsion energy

The energy costs are mainly dependent on the type of system and the energy source. The biggest cost factor is the inefficient distribution of heat within the room.

Zehnder Rittling radiant ceiling panels are particularly efficient and achieve energy savings of over 40%. Numerous facilities equipped with Zehnder Rittling provide proof of this, day after day.




We spend almost three quarters of our lives indoors: at home, at work, during our leisure time. The indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is itself a big influence on our general well being.
Comfort is mainly achieved by the way in which heat is transferred: For example, the radiant heat of a stove is perceived as pleasant and natural, because it warms the body directly. This principle of heat transfer is used by the radiant heating and cooling systems. Radiant panels arranged evenly across the ceiling create a perfect, naturally comfortable climate. The heat is evenly distributed across the entire surface.

  • Natural principle of radiant heat
  • Even distribution of heat throughout the room
  • Heating and cooling are immediately noticeable
  • Silent operation
  • No dust dispersal - a benefit for allergy sufferers
  • Lower cleaning costs for your building


We spend almost three quarters of our lives indoors: at home, at work, during our leisure time. The indoor climate (temperature and air quality) is itself a big influence on our general wellbeing.

Another point that influences comfort is hygiene inside buildings. Air heating systems stir up dust and spread it throughout the building. The radiant ceiling panel on the other hand, is a clean system because it gives off heat without droughts and without dispersing dust.
That is an enormous benefit not just for allergy sufferers. Users of dust-laden rooms or showrooms are particularly appreciative of this fact. The effort and cost of cleaning is also considerably reduced.

  • No dust dispersal - a benefit for allergy sufferers
  • Lower cleaning costs for your building

Radiant ceiling panels - Heating and cooling effect
Zehnder Rittling radiant ceiling panels work on a fundamental natural principle that is identical to the way in which the sun produces warmth. Direct sunlight on a cold winters day makes us feel warm and is perceived as comfortable, despite the cold ambient air. The heating effect of the sun is produced by electromagnetic waves that penetrate the air without losing energy. This energy is only converted into heat when it comes into contact with the human body.

Radiant ceiling panels - Heating effect

The heating method is as simple as it is effective: The radiant panels are heated by hot water and give off energy to the room. This energy is converted into heat only when it comes into contact with the human body or other objects.



Radiant ceiling panels - Cooling effect

What is used to heat buildings cheaply and efficiently can also be used to cool them. Cold water flows through the cooling ceiling. Because people and objects in the room have a higher temperature, they radiate their heat to the ceiling. At the same time, warm air inside the room rises and flows along the ceiling, where it gives off its heat to the cooling ceiling. The cooled air flows back down into the room.

Operating principle
Zehnder Rittling radiant ceiling panels function on the natural principle of solar radiation. Thus radiant ceiling panels continue to provide pleasant and comfortable warmth at ground level, even when installed at a height of 100ft. And do so with unique energy efficiency.



Zehnder Rittling radiant ceiling systems are installed in universities, schools, commercial buildings, museums, hospitals, sporting venues, warehouses and countless other applications. Radiant systems are not limited to geographical areas of the country. The system can be applied anywhere as long as the building is moderately tight and the required ventilation air is conditioned properly.

Zehnder Rittling has over 50 years of solving complex cooling demands all over the world. This experience is direct result of working closely with design build contractors, consulting engineers and architects providing the optimal design for the application.

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